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Hair Extensions

I have an extensive background with a lot of various extensions and I am CERTIFIED in multiple methods including Bellami and Laced. I offer NBR - Natural Beaded Rows/Hand-Tied Wefts,  Machine-Sewn, Full-Volume Wefts, Flex Wefts, Micro I-tips and K-tips, Invisible Beads, I-tips, Keratin Tips, Fusion, Micro-Links, and Strand by Strand.  My expertise with extensions and 20 years has given me the best resources and I offer the highest quality 100% ethically sourced real human hair extensions.  With proper care my hair extensions last up to one year with continuous wear. 

Currently there is nothing on the market that is more seamless and more undetectable on the hair than Hand Tied, Natural Beaded Rows, Invisible Bead or Strand by Strand beaded I-tip methods. There is no glue, tape in residue or heat used. They are easy to install and easy to uninstall and more gentle on the hair than any other kind of extensions out there. As always the price varies depending on the thickness and density of your hair.  


In addition there is also Keratin Tips, a very unique way to do strand by strand extensions and uses Keratin, a form of natural protein found in hair and nails. This method is much easier and more gentle on the hair than glue, which I do not use. Also this would definitely be for that client that has very fine thin hair and is not a candidate for the hand-tied, NBR or Invisible Bead Method extensions. So come see me to find out what is going to work best for your hair. 

I have been doing hair extensions since 2006. I understand the love relationship you have with them and how crazy you are about getting them done before an important event.

Check out my Instagram (haircolorbytamara) to see before and after photos of my extension clients. 

I believe hair can be one's greatest asset. Life is about living to your fullest potential so why not have the very best hair !! 

Book a consultation today !

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