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What is the time frame for the maintenance on my hair? 

I strive to give you the longest lasting color and haircuts possible. My goal is that your hair looks great all the way up until your next appointment. I do offer maintenance services between appointments. Ask me. 

GREY COVERAGE 4-6 weeks. This depends on how much grey you have and what amount of coverage you desire.

HAIRCUTS 6-12 weeks. This depends on on if you have a short or long haircut.

HIGHLIGHTING AND COLOR 6-10 weeks. Stronger color changes may require shorter maintenance times

depending on your natural outgrowth. Some people prefer to go longer with a shadow root or color melt.

TONING & FASHION SHADES 4-8 weeks. Toners just add depth and color typically to highlighted hair. Fashion colors are typically semi or demi permanent colors and require a refresh color more often. 

Do you have a cancelation policy ?

Yes ask me

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